Picture and print your voice … and playback !

PhonoPaper for Android is a great and fun way to replace QR codes in the classroom for audio-related activities.

Easy to handle, it surely is likely to raise curiosity and interest.

Short audio messages up to 10s can be recorded, given to the students or pinned on the classroom walls. But the time limit can be of great help if several recordings are made, and students asked to reorder them in collaborative tasks…

No doubt of PhonoPaper opening creative fields !


“Examples of usage:
• voice messages (or pieces of music) on the billboards, posters, postcards, goods;
• audio labels for phonorecords;
• audio examples in some textbooks/portfolios;
• art-experiments;
• learning the basics of the spectral music.” and so much more… with no Internet access !

Avatar your… VOICE

Speaking in public, in front of classmates or for recorded audio reports can be a pain for students.

Because they are already accustomed to “avatarizing” themself on social networks and media, voice morphing is another turnaround for our shy-ones, both helping bridge the difficulty of speaking out loud, and gamify our classrooms…


… for free !

Fiddling with voice parameters will definitely help students feel more confident and even be talkative… a hit in language class ! 😉