Picture and print your voice … and playback !

PhonoPaper for Android is a great and fun way to replace QR codes in the classroom for audio-related activities.

Easy to handle, it surely is likely to raise curiosity and interest.

Short audio messages up to 10s can be recorded, given to the students or pinned on the classroom walls. But the time limit can be of great help if several recordings are made, and students asked to reorder them in collaborative tasks…

No doubt of PhonoPaper opening creative fields !


“Examples of usage:
• voice messages (or pieces of music) on the billboards, posters, postcards, goods;
• audio labels for phonorecords;
• audio examples in some textbooks/portfolios;
• art-experiments;
• learning the basics of the spectral music.” and so much more… with no Internet access !


Audio to text conversion : great tool for your capsules !

speech logger

Speechlogger is a great speech recognition (speech to text) and instant voice translation web app. It runs Google’s speech-to-text technologies for the best results. The only web app with auto-punctuation, auto-save, timestamps, in-text editing capability, transcription of audio files, export options (to text and captions) and more. No user registration needed & it’s completely free!

Possible use-case are: voice typewriter (speech to text); real time automatic-interpreter (instant translator from voice to text & voice); hearing aid; caption phone; subtitles generator and more. Compatible with your PC, Chromebook, laptop, Windows & Android devices, phones & tablets (running a Chrome browser).

(… )”