Bend it like… a Pirate

Bend it like… a Pirate

                          School network restrictions, material facilities and installed softwares often prevent teachers from going any-where, when and how they want to.
And THAT IS GREAT NEWS ! Definitely !
                 Restrictions and obstacles help build new strategies and insight. They show the path to alternatives and readiness to teach like pirates, and show pupils the flow of learning like pirates.
                          Finding solutions to everyday school projects is all but digging for alternatives.
                          Just to name a few :
  • Use Tor browser if desesperately in need for an online resource : access restricted websites and blogs. But use it wisely and stay within legal limits.
  • Buy a Wifi external hard drive : you’ll sure need its wireless sharing, storing and connectivity capabilities someday.
  • Portabilize your favourite apps on your usb stick, so you’ll never be stuck with your homebuilt project.
  • Dig and share your findings : EDMODO, Flipboard, Twitter, Facebook, Google, App- and Play- stores and alternative-oriented websites ( )… in other words, stay tuned and share. Every comment received will make your PD grow.
  • Don’t be afraid of BYOD and BYOS : they can save your school projects life. But remember to concern for privacy and security leaks !
  • Read and read again Dave Burgess’s book… 
  • Be creative, at all times, every minute…
  • Let pupils move and craft in your room as active learners learn better.
  • Let them take control of the lesson…
  • Ask for their help !

(… )

More is to come throughout this blog, hopefully 😉