Hyperfocal teaching

Stay focused, and enjoy the flow.
                               Consider the learner’s eye as a camera. If the project is fully and clearly identified, with an emphasis on determined stages to reach ( = F/Stop or hyperfocal point ), the richer and more detailed the learning experience ( = depth of field ) will be.
                               Indeed, too close focus on the foreground makes projects target unclear ( = details in the backgroung get blurry ), and too far focus  makes immediate experience unclear and tedious ( = blurry foreground ).
                               But when clear focus on F/stop is made, learners catch up in a richer experience, secure from boredom and anxiety. Hence the importance of making clear the project’s next step. The efforts needed to reach it are painless, and even spontaneaous and joyful.
                               A strong and further-sighted flow is then generated and makes the learning process a more focused, natural and motivating experience.
                                     Of course, the same principle applies to a moving camera, which leads to a 360° immersion and perception of the project and its various stages.

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